Today’s students of different age groups are becoming unsatisfied with their learning curve as they tend to sit all year round to get educated and this to a large degree decreases their interest to learning, even when they try to have fun and get educated on the playground.To this effect, leverage sports helps bridge the gap between learning and sporting activities for the kids.

Leverage sports works with schools to deliver high quality Physical Education and sport in a fun and engaging manner. Creating awareness for the most important and yet most neglected aspect of a child's development in school. Initiating students to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to enjoy a lifetime of healthy physical activity lifestyle.

  • 01. Educate

    Sports Education curriculum for over 15 sports

  • 02. Develop

    Sports Development camps and sport clinic

  • 03. Identify

    League competitions and Talent discovery

  • 04. Manage / Transform

    Talent Managment

    Inspire Next Generation.

What we Do.

Redefining the manner of approach to sports in young talents, with programs designed to ensure children learn holistically through fun and play enabling children for academic excellence as well as tackling life challenges in the 21st century.

  • " Its a fantastic initiative that will develop sport skills in kids in school and also aid keep them healthier "

    OBINNA NOEL ILEKANACHI Principal, Early Life Schools
  • " Leverage sports has enabled us to provide better sports programme for our students with expert trainers, equipments and facilities. "

    John Agu Principal, Arisonia College
  • " It's an Innovative in-school sport programme coming into the school system to aid our kids become fitter and derive fun in school all year round. "

    CHINWE NWOKEJI Vice Principal, Early Life Schools