Who we are.

LEVERAGE SPORT is Nigeria's first and leading sport and physcial education company with a vision of helping millions of Nigerian school kids/teens derive fun from playing sport, keep fit and become professional athletes.

We use structured physical activity programmes and sports, as a teaching tool for developing cognitive ability, behavioural trait and psychomotor skills in kids.

Leverage sports programme is implemented through the SPARKpe platform, an integrated school sports and physical education platform. The SPARKpe platform has different modules specifically designed to address the critical needs of schools, physical education teachers, parents and children for a 360 degree high quality learning experience. The SPARK P.E tools draw inspiration from globally accepted tools and standards.
Our curriculum aslo involves periodic assessment, activity based PE Programme, adequate sport equipment for large class size, sport facilities and PE trainers in schools.


Leverage sports seeks to address the issues with sports and physical education structure in Nigeria which is a huge cause for alarming fitness standards and talent identification among students. The key activity is providing outsourced sports and physcial education to schools across the country.



Leverage Sport was founded in 2015 with a vision to make sports and physical education an integral part of every child’s education and upbringing. Thereby creating a favourable platform for sports development, discovery of talent also instigating an active physical lifestyle among students, parents and schools stakeholders. It all started as a result of the need to grow a fit and healthy generation, developing sport from the grassroot level in Nigeria and discovery of young talents in different sports, in a country with over 186 milion people, 7th position in the world ranking as most populous country and first in Africa, whom have millions of youth with natural talents in sports and still are unable to produce constantly new athletes to win medals in Olympics and in various competition around the world for different sports.

Hence, leverage sport limited was formed as a private company in 2017 under the corporate affairs commission (CAC) with RC: 1425017 with the idea of delivering holistic education through sports by partnering with schools and completely integrating with the schools system. In addition, there has been a small but a sure change in the attitude of schools leaders and parents towards sports/physical education. Personally, the most satisfying metre of change has been the paradigm shift that an adequate physical education and sport programme is a must have in schools and not only for the talented, but for all children to become smarter, stronger and fitter in life.

Our Mission

Discovering Potential elite athletes in every community, improving people lifes through physical activity and sports.

Our Vision

To groom and promote sports talents from schools to professional level. Creating a generation of stronger, fitter and smarter individuals, through a platform of active physical activity lifestyle.

Our Philosophy

Our programmes are designed so that structured physical activities and sport can be leveraged as a powerful teaching tool for experiential learning in a way which is visual, engaging and fun for student.

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